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A Tooth With a Small Cavity Might Be Treated With a Dental Filling

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The contoured surfaces of your teeth can sometimes trap stray food particles and plaque. If these bacterial deposits are not cleared away by your daily brushing and flossing efforts they could start to demineralize the surrounding tooth enamel, which could cause a cavity.

Early signs of tooth decay might involve increasing sensitivity and a change in the surface texture of the tooth. If you have noticed a change with one of your teeth, it’s best to have it examined by a dentist to prevent the cavity from expanding. With early detection, a small area of tooth decay might be treated by applying a simple dental filling.

Our dentists can administer this treatment process in a single outpatient appointment. Once all traces of decayed tooth enamel have been removed by either Dr. Thi Hoang or Dr. Thanh Pham, we will prepare the surface of the tooth to receive the dental filling material. After it has been applied the dental filling will be bonded to the surrounding healthy tooth enamel by a special ultraviolet light.

If necessary, you might want to make some minor improvements in your daily brushing and flossing efforts. It might also be helpful to check all of your oral care products for the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance.

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