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Teeth with Braces Need Good Oral Hygiene Practices

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The new orthodontic braces provided by our office have been designed to gradually correct the alignment of your teeth. This is achieved through the course of successive adjustments sessions. Each one is intended to tighten the braces to stretch the periodontal ligaments that anchor your teeth in your gums.

Gum inflammation and cavities caused by poor oral hygiene practices can cause discomfort after an adjustment. This could also complication the realignment process and prolong the amount of time needed to effectively correct the alignment of your teeth. To prevent this from happening, you need to remember to brush your teeth each morning and night while also flossing at least once each day. Consistent application of the this daily oral hygiene routine can help remove bacterial deposits from your mouth become they can promote oral health problems.

If you are having trouble brushing around braces hardware or cleaning a contoured area, you might want to try using a small interdental brush. It has a special small brush head that can often reach areas your regular toothbrush struggles to clean. Sometimes orthodontic wires and bands can make it difficult to floss certain areas including the gumline. Using a floss threader can help insert the strand below orthodontic components, thus allowing you to easily floss the gumline.

Your routine dental checkups at Las Positas Family Dental are also very important for monitoring the health of your teeth and gums. This will catch any problems, or determine the most applicable preventative measures. If you had braces installed in your mouth at Las Positas Family Dental’s orthodontic clinic in Livermore, California, and you have an oral hygiene question, you can always call 925.449.7900 to speak to Dr. Thi Hoang or a member of our staff today!