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Treatments for Your Smile: Chewing Gum

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Did you know that chewing gum is known as an supplementary form of cleaning utensil? The truth is it can provide the ability to produce saliva within your mouth.

Saliva is a naturally-occurring substance in your mouth that is beneficial for keeping your smile clean and free of debris. Not only can saliva clear away debris, but it can also neutralize harmful acids in your mouth that contribute to dental erosion. When you chew sugarless gum for up to 20 minutes after meals, your mouth can produce additional saliva to help prevent cavities from taking hold.

Heartburn occurs when stomach acids travel up your esophagus. If the stomach acids reach your mouth, dental erosion can occur. However, with the abundance of saliva, you can wash away and neutralize these harmful acids. Although chewing gum can provide your smile with additional oral health care, it should never be used as a complete replacement for your brushing and flossing routines.

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