Las Positas Family Dental gives patients several options to restore a smile and functionality due to missing teeth. A dental implant is a great choice when replacing missing teeth.

Implants consist of artificial roots and crown. The root is typically made of titanium and is surgically placed into either the upper or lower jaw bone by a dentist. The tooth attached to an implant root is referred to as an implant crown and is aesthetically made to look like a natural tooth. Patients may consider a dental implant to: replace missing teeth without affecting adjacent teeth, resolve joint pain or biting issues, restore chewing and speech abilities, enhance facial tissues, support a bridge or denture.

The process of dental implants requires appointments over several months. Surgery is needed to place the titanium implant into the jaw, which will then require time for the bone to heal. An implant crown must then be fabricated and attached to the post of an implant. Acquiring the perfect fit may take multiple months to complete.

After healing, a dental implant provides excellent support, stability, and comfort to the patient.
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